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Finding your way in growing a personal relationship with Jesus, at North Pointe.

et the Pointe - Session 1
    Pointing the Way - Session 2
    S.H.A.P.E. - Session 3

Session 1 - Get the Pointe:

An introduction to the vision, values, beliefs and practices of North Pointe Community Church facilitated by Pastor Bob Jones. GTP also provides information required for membership and water baptism.
Next session: Monday February 27, 2017 - 7:00pm (Please call 780-452-5566 to register or sign-up ONLINE HERE.

Session 2 - Pointing the Way:

Learn 5 disciplines that will help you experience a lifetime of growth in your faith, with Mike Voll.
Next Session: TBA

Session 3 - Finding Your S.H.A.P.E:

Discover how your Skills, Heart passion, Abilities, Personality and Experiences in life combine together to equip you to serve God in an effective way. Facilitated by Jodi Graff.
Next session: TBA