Volunteering - First Serve

Join the DREAM TEAM at North Pointe

It takes teamwork to make the dream work. At North Pointe we have a large dream and so we need EVERYONE in our community to find a place to make the dream work.

We believe that serving is one of the best ways to grow in your faith and in your friendships. At North Pointe we have "First Serve." Not everyone knows what they would like to do or be "good at" when they think about serving. Sometimes the thought of starting and then stopping if you find the role doesn't fit can make you feel like a failure, so it easier to not start at all.

We help you to explore areas of service until you find one that fits.  "First Serve" means that you first attempt at serving may be more short-term than long.  That's OK. We're patient because we know that when you find your fit, you'll love it and so will the people you are serving with.

We also offer a class called Finding Your 'S.H.A.P.E.' where you can discover how God created you and what you can do best to serve Him.

Click here to see a listing of the of the various roles at North Pointe.  You can print off a copy and bring it to North Pointe on any Sunday and leave it at the Info Desk or bring it to the office during the week.