Where we've been and where we're going

Our Vision: To see a personal relationship with Jesus grow in everyone; everyday.

We are a "come as you are" church where people are real, relationships are valued, faith is authentic and purpose can be discovered. 

We are affiliated with the Pentecostal Assemblies of Canada 

North Pointe's beliefs (PDF)

North Pointe's History:

In October 2017 our church family will celebrate 100 years of ministry. We have been shaped by monumental moments of faith and shepherded by 21 pastors. There have been 6 name changes and 7 times the congregation has relocated geographically. 

Its been said that 7 is a divine number. In hindsight, we see God's fingerprints all over our story. We hope our story will serve to give you foresight and courage in your journey of a long obedience in God's direction. 

Central Tabernacle began in 1917 in a home in Edmonton. By 1997 CT was housed in a distinctive Pyramid shaped facility on 107 Ave and 116 St. It was best known as the "home of the Singing Christmas Tree." At that time our facility needed upgrading to code - an expensive proposition. The leadership began considering four options for our future - Do nothing. Repair. Renovate. Rebuild. By 1999 we added a 5th option - Relocate. 

Initially relocation was not an option because we believed we could forge ahead in our present location. Upon reflection we realized that our ministry was evolving into something that was drifting from our core value of "family." By 1999 we had less than 30 families with children under the age of 12. We'd always been a family church. After a period of meetings and discussions and prayer our Board agreed that relocation was something we felt the Spirit of God strongly leading us to pursue. On May 16, 2000, after information sessions with our church family, the members voted to relocate and to begin looking for suitable land, immediately. Our prayer was that the Lord would give us wisdom in planning so much so that the results could only bring Him all the glory. 

We targeted our land search in the least churched area of Edmonton - the northwest, adjacent to St Albert. Each time we showed interest in an appropriate property, someone else bought it before we could. After two and a half years of searching we found 38.5 available acres on "the frontier." In April 2003 we made a choice, that was the biggest step of faith in our lives - the congregation decided to purchase the entire property. We had our stake in the future. We hired a project manager, held gatherings for facility envisioning with our church family and drafted plans for our new facility. In 2005 we adopted our new name - "North Pointe Community Church." On July 16th, 2006 we held our first Sunday service in our new facility. 

There were many setbacks along the way - but no great endeavour is ever easy. The lessons of relocation have been many:
  • "For every set back, God will give a greater comeback."
  • "Its always too soon to quit."
  • "All delays are not denials."
  • "Our disappointments can be God's appointments for greater glory."
  • "Where there is faith in the future there is power in the present."
Since relocating, our church family has continuously grown yer after year - both numerically and more importantly, qualitatively. We are seeing people cross the faith line to accept Christ in our Sunday services, ministries, and seasonal outreaches.

We have become known as the "come as you are" church on 167 Ave. "Come as you are" is more than just a line on our sign. It's a quality that reflects the grace, humility and health of our church family. It's a characteristic born of perseverance in doing the will of God. 

To God be the glory.