Anomaly Youth

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Anomaly Youth throughout the week

Every Sunday morning Grade 6/7ers break off from the main service after the worship for their very own youth focused lesson. Topics are engaging and fun-filled! This time has been created so that Grade 6 students can build relationships with youth and youth leaders at least one year prior to coming out to youth group!

SMAC Talk:
"Sunday Morning After Church Talk" happens every Sunday at the church during two periods of the year, Sept-Nov & Jan-March. It's a time where students can come out and tackle the issues that they face every day in a group with other youth their age. We serve FREE lunch to the students and then have our small group time all from 12:20 pm until 1:40 pm.

We meet together every Friday for worship, engaging talks, games, sports, and various activities. Once a month we do a big event. We meet 7-9:30pm Fridays unless otherwise specified for different events. For more info, including a calendar, please visit us at www.anomalyyouth.ca