Greetings from Ethiopia.

God continues to do amazing things. As I have often shared, one of the great miracles that keeps all the work going and growing is the financial input from God's people. We want to thank you all for your faithful support. It is a wonderful miracle. As the greatest opportunities to expand into difficult places and the nations surrounding us open we also need the miracle of funds to go through them.

At the same time as these opportunities into are opening the finances are the tightest we have seen in a long time.

I Met yesterday with the leader of the work into the ancient Orthodox religion of Ethiopia and spent today with them teaching. One example of the work of one converted leader *Abraham* whom we support:

In a northern town where he is working 4 months ago 2700 people came to Christ. He requested help from some of the other workers from nearby. In the last 4 months 7000 more remote rural people have come to the Lord through many miracles of all kinds. Possessed people are being set free and healed, they tell their friends which brings many more for healing and to be set free. It is an area of very serious witch craft. This movement is growing very fast. There is continuing desperate need for teaching the new believers. These 9700 plus are themselves building a very large shelter to meet in. They are a congregation of 9000 plus! The leader of the whole underground work into the Orthodox, *Germa* will go for one month to visit and teach after the rains end. You drive for 10 hours as far as roads go then walk for another 8 hours to reach this place.

The one they appointed as church leader of this new group is also a government leader. He was converted last year. His Ox was blind and could not work properly, he was desperate to work his land. *Abraham* visited him and they prayed for the Ox. Its sight was restored and the man was amazed. It resulted in his conversion. Now this man has been trained and is growing strong in the Lord. They appointed him to lead this group of believers. As a government worker he has authority in the area. He carries his big gun over his shoulder and his Bible under his arm as he goes about. He openly shares his faith and many are coming to Christ because of him. The impact of so many coming from the darkness of witchcraft and bondage of religious traditions into freedom is difficult to describe. They are free to live work and develop.

*Germa* said to me "the fire is burning in every direction, I don't know what will happen but we will do our best!"

These dedicated men and women we work with and support are on the front line, at great risk and bearing great fruit. The theme of my teaching to them this morning was; "to the faithful God shows himself faithful". Faithfulness is measured not at the beginning of our work and not half way through. It is measured at the end, the one who finishes well. Jesus said, "be faithful unto death and I will give you the crown of life!"

Brian and Val
** not real names to protect their identity