Hydro Vac Truck Definitions

How often do we complain that cleaning is a problem for us? That it is so difficult to remove those huge clumps of dirt and muck and that it takes so much time and man power to do so? Just think of the debris that we are left to deal with after the snow is gone or after the soggy leaves are taken away.

By now you are probably getting the picture but please do not despair. There are means and ways for us to deal with this and you would be surprised to learn how easy it could be. Often time, you would see those huge and ungainly hydro vac trucks rumbling along and chances are that you are probably having such thoughts such as: Where are they going and why are they making so much noise as they drive along? Should we be moving quickly out of their way?

All good thoughts but there is a very simple reason for their presence. You see, these huge and ungainly vehicles have a very important purpose in life. This being to gently remove all of the dirt and muck described above and they can certainly do it with ease and in style.

As we as a society continues to push towards a cleaner and greener environment, the need for these

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